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Focus T25 Review



The Focus T25 workout has been the main topic of discussion in many fitness circles. This program promises to get you in your best shape ever only if you are committed to give 25 minutes daily to this workout regime. Do you think Focus T25 is the right home workout routine for you? Do you think you should give it a try? Well, I am sure at the moment you are juggling between such questions. Below, you will find all your answers which include only facts.

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Introduction to Focus T25

This 25 minute workout program has gained popularity in a very short time span as it has done wonders in many people’s lives. Longer workouts are talks of the past now as short workout regimes like Focus T25 are very effective at scorching fats and specially designed to give you the same results or even better than long ones. This ultimate time-saving workout at home program is created by Shaun T (known for creating another very successful workout program, the Insanity) and marketed by Beachbody.

Focus T25 Schedule

This program has been planned very systematically where you will workout one muscle group at one instance till you reach your exhaustion level. As soon as you feel that you can think of going for one more rep, you move to another group and then so on. This intense workout targets your glutes, shoulders, abs, quads, biceps and obliques. There is no rest interval in between your moves.

You can carry out your regime in two different phases: the Alpha Cycle and the Beta Cycle.

Alpha Cycle: It is the foundation stage of the program and anyone can do it regardless of the fitness level. It lasts for 5 weeks and includes a variety of workouts namely cardio, speed 1.0, total body circuit, ab intervals, stretch and lower focus.

Beta Cycle: This phase also lasts for 5 weeks and its intensity is much higher than the Alpha cycle. The workouts included in this phase are core cardio, dynamic core, rip’t circuit, upper focus, speed 2.0 and stretch.

Focus T25 Results

The results you get after being committed to this program are incredible in terms of your weight loss, six packs, muscle definition of legs and arms and much more. You can see noticeable changes on every part of your body as it feels tighter and refreshed. You can also see that your energy levels and physical conditioning has improved to great deal. This program is not only about improving your overall shape, but it is your lifestyle redesign.

Additional Advantage

This program also provides you with a Nutrition Guide including 25 healthy food recipes which can be prepared in a very short interval and you can have at home at any time. So Focus T25 is a complete approach towards looking great and living a healthy life.

Focus T25 is much appreciated time-efficient workout program leading to total body transformation. It has got tons of favourable feedback from people around the world and is being loved by all age-groups.

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