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Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast Workout

Body Beast: A home workout focusing on dynamic set training

Fitness has become our way of life and today, we simply cannot live ignoring our health. When we talk about health and fitness, we can mostly use these two words synonymously, because that’s what they have become. People are becoming diet conscious and more than that, they are ready to spend considerable share of their monthly income on gyms and workout sessions. However, we all know that going to the gym requires a lot of dedication and so does the diet plan. But, with all the honesty in your heart, you can focus on a workout at home session with just a DVD to guide you. Body Beast is one such workout regimen that focuses on strength-based exercise at home. But, does it really work? Is it really effective? Well, here is a review that’ll clear up your doubts and make things more focussed.

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The Body Beast Workout: How it Works?

Well, in all honesty, it is typically meant for men. HOWEVER, a lot of women have tried the meal plan of Body Beast and they have voiced out their happy results about the amazing outcome they experienced. Because Body Beast is a strength-based home workout session, therefore, women mostly stay out of it, simply because of the fear of getting the muscular body. But, as mentioned already the Body Beast meal plan can be followed for great results. The dedicated women can experience the strength from within and this is the new trend instead of the Zero-Size. As far as men are concerned, they can indeed derive the utmost satisfaction by religiously following the regime. So, unquestionably, it is for all, because ultimately it serves the purpose of making your stronger.

Body Beast Schedule: How is it?

The Body Beast is available in 12 DVD workout sessions and these are spread over 3 phases in all, viz., the Build Phase, the Bulk Phase and the Beast Phase.
• Build Phase: In this phase, you lay the base of your strength as well as mass gain. Super Sets, as well as Giant Sets are introduced in progression during this phase.
• Bulk Phase: As you move ahead, you enter the bulk phase, wherein you get Force Sets, Combo Sets, Progressive Sets as well as Multi-Sets in order to build your size as well as strength that was gained during the first phase. So, now you move towards the muscular hypertrophy. It is vital to focus that during this phase, you have absolutely zero cardio exercise.
• Beast Phase: Finally, you are introduced to the cardio exercises with combination from the the Build as well as Bulk workout sessions. So, in the 3-week duration, you are burning your calories as well as focusing on the nutrition.
Overall, this is the dynamic training that largely focuses on everything and offers you the sessions for the overall proportionate figure.

Does body beast work? The Final Say!

Well, what is new in this workout regime is that instead of simply targeting the sets of repetitions of particular exercises, it pays attention to the Progressive Set of moves where your reps are going down as the weight increases. With Body Beast, you will be having like 15 reps for 20 pounds, which shall be followed by 12 reps for 25 pounds. Thereafter, you’ll have 8 reps for 30 pounds. So, this is something that works really well and you get what you desire, at the end of it all. From our side, we would definitely give it a thumbs up and rest leave to you to take it up and decide!

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