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Muscle Building Chest Workout Program

A major part of muscle building is working to improve the chest muscles and aside from taking muscle building supplements, you can do chest workouts that are great for muscle building. Before you do certain chest exercises, you need to talk with your doctor to determine if you are healthy enough for the exercises.

Bench Presses

One of the best exercises for building chest muscles are bench presses and there are several types of bench presses but they are performed in a similar way. To get started, you should lie on a hard bench and then hold a heavy and medium-sized barbell in each hand before raising your arm with barbells in hand towards the air and then slowly lift the arms back to your chest.

Plank Exercises and Pushups

These exercises help strengthen your chest muscles and plank exercises are done by putting yourself in a lowered position on your hands and knees, then you would place hands near the shoulder and staying in the lowered position with your feet spread a few inches apart. As for pushups, you should do ten to twenty repetitions every few days.

Chest Dips

This is a simple chest exercise that does not require equipment. Just grab a chair and place your arms on the sides of each chair. Once you do this, you should keep the rear end off the chair so that you will work the arms and chest more efficiently. You can repeat this exercise for ten to twenty times.

Swim A Few Times Each Week

Swimming works your chest muscles as well as your arms, stomach and legs. You can start with a few low-impact swimming drills in the pool then increase the intensity as you get better at doing the swimming drills.

Always Warm Up Before Doing Chest Exercises

This is important because when you warm up before doing the chest exercises, your muscles will become more flexible and you will be less prone to injuries or feeling tired too quickly during the workouts. Some good examples of warming up include stretches, pilates, walking or jogging. When you conclude the exercises, you should cool down by doing more pilates and stretching for a final time.

Chest Fly With Dumbbells

To do this exercise, you would start by lying on the bench with both arms to the sides with medium-sized heavy dumbbells in both hands. Tighten your abdominal muscles and lower your head slightly while raising your arms up to the air then slowly lower your arms back to the bench.

When you tighten your chest muscles on a regular basis, you will have a better outward appearance in the chest and you have more energy to take care of different tasks during the day. Some chest muscles do not work for everybody so it would be a good idea to try different chest exercises until you find a few that works nice for you. Finally, be consistent when doing the exercises.