Essential Muscle Building Supplements and Advice to Build the Perfect Body

Muscle Building Diet Plan

If you just started bodybuilding and you want to know how to do it on the cheap, see below:

Video breakdown

1:03 Make pb & j sandwich: I love these sandwiches, they not only taste great but the peanut butter will help you get huge.

1:49 Protein powder shakes: If you’re on a budget, go get the biggest and the cheapest protein. It doesn’t matter what kind of protein it is as long as your getting protein to build your muscles.

3:00 Ritz crackers: They are convenient, taste great and very high in calories — perfect for getting huge.

3:37 Leg quarters: Cheapest and the highest protein source you can get.

4:39 Whole milk: A cup of milk has a ton of calories and is also is a great source of protein.

5:23 Add sauce: Adding sauce, will help add extra calories to everything you eat.

5:36 Eat your friends food: Don’t be shy, ask your friends if you can have their food. You’ll be shocked at how much food you can get from other people.

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These are some great foods for bodybuilders on a budget. If you just started bodybuilding and you need to save money, try eating some of the foods in this video.