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Muscle Building Diet Plan On A Budget

How To Build Muscle Fast On A Budget With Cheap Foods (Grocery Store Cheat Sheet!)

If you want to know how to go grocery shopping for building muscle fast, you have come to the right video!

In this video, Troy shows you the secret to building muscle mass on a budget. There are many high protein and muscle-building foods for extremely cheap at your local grocery store that will help you with building muscle mass.

Building muscle fast for men does not have to be expensive. You can enjoy some delicious and high protein food options for only a few dollars.

Let’s give you a sneak preview of Troy’s grocery store cheat sheet. This is your official checklist for the best way to build muscle fast on a budget.

1:00 – Lentils

Lentils are loaded with protein and will help you with building muscle mass due to its high protein and complex carbohydrate content.

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1:24 – Brown Jasmine Rice

If you want to learn how to build muscles fast on a budget, you will quickly realize that carbohydrates are your best friend. Rice is right in complex carbohydrates. Perfect for your post-workout needs!

1:43 – Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Pasta

The best way to build muscle fast, in my opinion, while you are on a budget is to consume a lot of high protein carbohydrates. A box of whole wheat pasta contains 50 grams of protein along with 200 grams of complex carbohydrates.

2:18 – Canned Tuna

This is a quality protein source that’s also very cheap. Chicken Of The Sea brand is only and that gets you 25 grams of protein and some omega 3’s. You can get the generic brand for .59. It’s pretty hard to beat that!

2:50 – Black Beans

These are a great source of slow digesting carbs. The can I picked up in the video has 50 grams of protein, and 120 grams of carbs.

3:27 – Whole Eggs

If you are looking to build muscle fast, there is nothing better than consuming whole eggs. Whole eggs are super cheap and contain protein and vital amino acids.

3:59 – Raw Peanuts

Peanuts are loaded with potassium, protein, and healthy fats. They are only a few dollars for a big bag of regular peanuts or a jar of shelled peanuts.

4:15 – Liquid Egg Whites

These have 100 g of protein, no carbs, and no fat!

4:31 – Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Another great choice for your high-protein diet. This tub of cottage cheese has close to 100 grams of protein for five bucks. This is a great protein source to eat before bedtime since it’s slow digesting.

4:49 – Greek Yogurt

I like the “Greek 100” brand which you can pick up for about .29 each. It gives you 13 grams of protein and 100 calories. Or you can get a tub of “Fage” greek yogurt for like 5 bucks which will give you a whopping 100 grams of protein.

5:39 – Low-Fat Deli Meat

You can easily find fat-free turkey, ham, roast beef, etc.

6:39 – Chicken

If you get the chicken thighs and peel the skin off and cut away the fat, you’ve got one of the best lean protein sources available.

7:24 – Top Sirloin Steak

This is a lean cut of steak, great for jacking up your protein intake.

8:04 – Ground Turkey

A package of this stuff will give you 100 grams of protein for about 5 bucks.

8:20 – Fish

You can get all kinds of fish, but things like tilapia and swai are the cheapest types of fish if you’re trying to build muscle on a budget.

8:38 – Nuts and Seeds

Building muscle requires lots of healthy fats, and a great way to accomplish that is through nuts and seeds. You can eat things like sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, and more.

9:31 – Olive Oil

If you are a skinny guy who wants to learn how to build muscle fast, you have to make sure you are eating a lot of “healthy fats.” Building muscle is more than just protein and carbohydrates, and olive oil is another great way to get healthy fats into your diet.

9:52 – Peanut Butter

Another budget-friendly favorite is peanut butter. Everyone loves it, and it’s another great source of healthy fats.

Building muscle mass does not have to be expensive. In this video, Troy teaches you how to build muscles fast – on a very tight budget. This is perfect for any young professional or guy in college who thinks building muscle mass is expensive. It doesn’t have to be, and Troy PROVES to you in this video that it can be done for very cheap.