3 Day Muscle Build Workout

This is a workout that will leave you with huge muscles and help you lose weight, fast. It only has to be done 3 days of the week, and will get your metabolism going. The main goal of this program is to build muscle at an intermediate training level. So you’ll have to be familiar with some workouts before trying this. The required equipments are barbell weights, body weights, dumbbells and EZ weight machines.

The basics of this training program are too:

  • Limit the rest you get between sets, instead of 30 seconds, you may wait only 10 seconds between sets.
  • Shorter workouts with more intensity, due to less rest between sets.
  • Less amounts of exercise per body part. Instead of a typical four to five exercises per body part that you want to gain muscle in, you’ll only need to do two to three.
  • Weight progression, you’ll start off doing less reps and increase your weights as you continue. As you hit your max amount of reps, you’ll add more weight.
  • Mini/Macro sets.
    • No failure. Stop when you feel like it, and take a sense of accomplishment that you went that far.
    • During mini sets, you use the same weights.

For example, you’ll do a set of exercises seven times, upping the rest between the sets by 15 seconds every other rep. So for rep 1, you’ll rest for 30 seconds, and for rep 3, 45, and so on. Start with a goal of reps to reach, and a weight that you can comfortably do 10-12 reps with. Muscle building takes longer than fat loss and you can get hurt if you start too aggressively. Muscle is built by fibers tearing and repairing themselves on your days off. If you don’t allow repair, then you can damage the muscle.

An example of a workout set would be:

Monday: Abs, forearms, tricep, back, bicep, traps

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: Chest, triceps, shoulders

Thursday: REST

Friday: Abs, calves, hamstrings, quads

Saturday: REST

Sunday: REST

To wok the abs and lose belly fat, you can do some exercises specifically to work the abs. Training the abs don’t make them visible, but you can use this program to build your abs. Use weights and do different types of crunches, using the weights to their full extent. After a while, your abs will begin to show as fat melts away and you build muscle.

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